Hustle Gang takes Athens, Ga

Things are looking up over at Grand Hustle. T.I. Has diligently put a team of talent together that goes by the name “Hustle Gang”

Only days after Tokyo Jetz was seen on the BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher, and Yung Booke released his newest single “Rain”, the Gang is pulling up to Venom Ultra Lounge in Athens, Ga for UGA Homecoming Week.

Hustle Gang led the week with a Listening Party/Pop Up Concert for their newest album “We Want Smoke” and they plan to carry out the momentum at Venom Thursday October 12th!

Don’t sleep on this event, you’ll be missing out on seeing the entire Gang under one roof. I personally would like to see Translee myself, Even though he’s with Hustle Gang, Translee is still doing shows designed for Indie Artists such as Bonfire ATL, and A3C Week!

You’re in for a treat! Be there! For tickets click on the link below.


3 thoughts on “Hustle Gang takes Athens, Ga

  1. If 0nly I Were 0ff Friday , I’d Be There In Full Effect , Ready To See What Hustle Gang Has In-Store For Us !

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  2. I Want To See Tokyo Jetz Soo Bad!!

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  3. Im Definitely In there, I love Hustle Gang💪

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